Chemical Engineering


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G.M. Geise, B.D. Freeman, D.R. Paul, "Fundamental water and salt transport properties of polymeric materials", Progress in Polymer Science, 39 (2014) 1-42.

G.M. Geise, H.B. Park, A.C. Sagle, B.D. Freeman, J.E. McGrath, "Water permeability and water/salt selectivity tradeoff in polymers for desalination", Journal of Membrane Science, 369 (2011) 130-138.


Our research program is focused on modeling the atomic features and molecular phenomena that govern catalysis and materials processing.


We are interested in developing new or improved catalytic materials by studying how the structure of a catalyst affects its performance in a chemical reaction.


We investigate the complex dynamic behavior of chemically reacting systems and its applications in fields from medicine to electrochemistry. 


Our research group focuses on the synthesis of well-defined nanoparticles, their dispersion into polymer solutions and melts, and their suspension rheology.


The sequencing of the human genome promises to provide numerous new proteins as drug targets and therapeutic agents. We are investigating several obstacles to the efficient commercialization of these delicate molecules. In addition, we are exploring protein misfolding relating to human disease.

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