UVa Nanoscale Science and Engineering Programs and Courses

The University of Virginia offers several undergraduate and graduate level courses in nanoscale science and engineering, which are listed below.  In addition, undergraduate students majoring in Engineering Science can select the Nanomedicine named program.  Medical students can participate in the Nanomedicine Medical Scientist Training Program.

Academic Programs

Engineering Science - Nanomedicine

Targeted Nanomedicine Medical Scientist Program

Undergraduate Courses

Several Departments offer undergraduate courses in nanoscale science and engineering. The courses below may be of interest to students seeking an introduction to nanoscience and/or nanotechnology.  The following sequence would serve as a good foundation in nanoscale science and engineering for students who are not in the Engineering Science Nanomedicine program:  

  • First or second year students: ENG2500, Introduction to Nanoscience and Technology.  Fulfills SEAS science elective requirement.
  • Third or fourth year students: ECE 4140, Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics; ECE 4501, Nanoscale Device Engineering; MSE 4055, Nanoscale Science & Technology; MAE 4502, Nanoscale Thermophysical Engineering; STS 3110, Societal Dimensions of Nanotechnology. 

Undergraduate students have major electives, technical electives, and unrestricted electives throughout the curriculum, so they will have plenty of room in their schedules to fulfill the concentration. For example, as part of the ASSIST center, UVa's ECE Department has established a concentration in nanoscale science and engineering. ECE students can take ENG2500 in their first or second year and ECE4140 and ECE 4501 in their third or fourth year.  They can fulfill unrestricted, technical, and/or major electives with MSE 4055, MAE 4502, and STS 3110.


BME 4414 - Biomaterials

BME 4890 - Nanomedicine

ECE 4140 - Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics

ECE 4501 - Nanoscale Device Engineering

ENGR 2500 - Introduction to Nanoscience and Technology

MAE 4502 - Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Nanoscale Thermophysical Engineering

MSE 4055 - Nanoscale Science & Technology

STS 3110 - Societal Dimensions of Nanotechnology

Graduate Courses

Several Departments offer graduate-level courses in nanoscale science and engineering. The courses below may be of interest to graduate students seeking a strong background in nanoscience and/or nanotechnology. Graduate students should begin with the 6000 level course in their home Department, and consult with their advisor to select additional courses.  For example, ECE students should begin with ECE 6140 and work with their advisor to design a sequence of courses appropriate for their field of study and their thesis topic.

BME 8890 - Biomolecular Engineering

CHEM 9830 - Nanoscience on Surfaces

ECE 6140 - Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics

ECE 6501 - Nanoscale Device Engineering

MSE 6140 - Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

MSE 6310 - Nanomaterials

MSE 7320 - Deformation and Fracture of Materials

PHYS 5820 - Introduction to Nanophysics