Research Areas

Sustainability Science (problem-oriented and solutions-focused)Governance (adaptive management, risk and anticipatory governance)Applied Ethics (practitioner responsibilities, tacit beliefs, and collectives)Capacity Building (knowledge transfer, translation, and usable knowledge)Technological Innovation (process mapping, future scenarios, and implications)Social Entrepreneurship (problem-solving approaches, public-private partnerships)

New Course Offering

ENGR 3501: Nanoscale Devices & Systems – Fall 2015 (Class # 20398)

Timings: T, Th: 3:30-4:45 PM (Leave Th: open until 5:30 PM for activity with STS 3111)

Location: MEC 214

Instructor: Nathan S. Swami, Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Pre-requisite: None other than first year calculus, physics and chemistry

nanoSTAR Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Cullen R. Buie


Title: Microfluidic Bacterial Electrophenotyping

          for Biotechnology


Date:  Monday,  March 23, 2015


Time:   3:30-5:00 pm (Refreshments- 3:30-4:00pm)


Location:  Thorton Hall  E304


Hosts: Nathan Swami (ECE) &

 James Landers (Chemistry)




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