Solid supported membranes that mimic the biological cell membrane have applications as in vitro models in research, as screening arrays in development and as platform for biosensors. I am interested in using and further developing these systems to answer significant biological questions.


My laboratory currently uses several different strategies, including phage display, small molecule display on nanoparticles, and SELEX, to identify lead candidates for the development of amplifiable targeted imaging agents.


We investigate the complex dynamic behavior of chemically reacting systems and its applications in fields from medicine to electrochemistry. 


To develop optoelectronics for secure communications; security; imaging; alternative energy production; enviromental protection; and health care diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment


Our goal is to elucidate cellular mechanotransduction mechanisms as candidates for therapeutic cellular engineering.


Our research group's goal is to characterize the transition states of important catalytic reactions and to develop an improved understanding of how to design efficient & selective thermal and photochemically driven catalysts


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