Professor Poon's research group is highly interdisciplinary and his research focuses on using basic materials physics principles to design, synthesize, and investigate amorphous metals, nanostructured materials, and intermetallic compounds.


His objective is to find new approaches in the development of advanced light microscopy and optoelectronic devices.  These will allow studying and monitoring various biological and clinical systems ranging from a single cell to single molecule in living cells and tissues. In vivo imaging is another ideal device he is developing to monitor the cellular behavior in the brain of an animal.


Her current research interests include: thermal management, optical measurement techniques, microscale heat transfer, thin-film thermophysical properties, integration of sol-gel materials into microanalytical devices and sensors, and advancement of aerogel technology.


Our research program is focused on modeling the atomic features and molecular phenomena that govern catalysis and materials processing.


My work can be broadly characterized as research towards vertically integrated design methodologies.  These methodologies will enable digital system designers to identify opportunities for system optimization that require looking across the traditional system abstraction layers.  This work includes collaborations with researchers working at multiple levels, levels ranging from high-level applications to low-level circuits and everything in between.


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