CONGRATULATIONS 2016 Entrepreneurship Cup (E-Cup) winners

May 5, 2016



CONGRATULATIONS 2016 Entrepreneurship Cup (E-Cup) winners, Payam Pourtaheri and Ameer Shakeel!  Under the leadership of Dr. Mark Kester and supported by the nanoSTAR Summer Research Fund, Payam and Ammeer took the top prize of $22,500 for AgroSpheres.

AgroSpheres walked away as the overall winner of Friday’s Entrepreneurship Cup. They earned a total of $22,500 as the first-prize winners and the recipients of the audience favorite award. Tara Raj and Morgan Murray of AsyncTalent took second place and $15,000. Jack Ross came in third with his company Notable Music, earning $10,000. All three participants in the Galant Challenge received commitments of at least $100,000 and left the stage with plans to continue working with the investors on additional deals.

"The AgroSpheres team is truly grateful to have won the 2016 Entrepreneurship Cup! Winning this competition would not have been possible without the help of Dr. Mark Kester and the nanoSTAR summer research fund. This venture began as a cool summer science project but turned into something that can truly revolutionize the agriculture industry. Our farmers deserve to work in safer farms and harvest with the flexibility they desire. With more research and development, our company has the potential to have a significant impact on many aspects in environmental remediation. Winning the Entrepreneurship Cup has put us in a position where we now have the resources to commercially test our product and pursue our ultimate goal of cleaning up the planet and making it safer for all." said the AgroSpheres team.