Nanotechnology Startup Challenge in Cancer

January 19, 2016
The Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) has partnered with MedImmune and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to launch new companies in the Maryland-Virginia-DC region centered around Nanotech-Cancer inventions through a challenge - the Nanotechnology Startup Challenge in Cancer (NSC2); please find the press release here:
We’d appreciate your consideration in joining this challenge and/or spreading the news to your friends and colleagues that may have interest. We’d also be delighted to come provide a presentation regarding the challenge to you, your team and others in your organization that may have interest! The challenge presents a wonderful opportunity for teams to launch startups around commercially viable NIH inventions and also provides the chance for teams to launch new startups around their own Nanotech-Cancer related invention. CAI’s robust accelerator is also a great training platform for teams as well. The challenge also provides an opportunity for teams to gain national and international exposure to leading experts and media. There is a cash prize for those who win. Teams may enter the challenge until Feb. 11, 2016.
The challenge model builds on previous challenges launched by CAI and the NCI. The challenges have exceeded expectations and have resulted in 32 startups and numerous prestigious recognitions, awards and mentions by The White House, Health and Human Services (best in Business Plans/Entrepreneurship), the Washington Post as well as several notable exclusives from Nature, Wired, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and more. Our goal is to launch 5-8 new startups in the VA-DC-MD area in 2016 in the biomedical arena.
Many thanks for your consideration and please reach out if you have any questions.
PS - We’ve created marketing materials that you can use to socialize the challenge; you can find this information here.
Wishing you many exciting, successful new ventures in 2016!
Warmest Regards,
Leia Novak
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