Dr. Helena Snyder joins nanoSTAR

October 22, 2015

Dr. Helena Woodvine Snyder joins nanoSTAR



Dr. Helena Woodvine Snyder undertook her undergraduate degree and PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.  Graduating with a degree in Chemistry in 2007, she went on to join Professor Andy Mount, within his electrochemistry research group, conducting research and writing her thesis on the development and characterization of microelectrode and nanoelectrode sensing systems.  During her PhD she published several journal articles on her work and presented at a number of international conferences.  The CAVIARE™ ultrasensitive nanoarray architecture that Helena developed during her PhD is currently on the market through NanoFlex Ltd. based in the North West of England.  In February 2012, Helena joined the team of a small startup biotech company, TouchTek LLC. (Formally Flexible Medical Systems) as the primary R+D chemist.  She used her nano- and microfabrication experiences as well as her electrochemical expertise to develop a non-invasive, transdermal glucose monitor, able to detect glucose in <2 nl of interstitial fluid.  She is co-inventor of two patent applications and is currently writing an academic paper on this research.  Helena and her husband, Mike Snyder recently welcomed a new addition to their family. Jacob Owen Snyder was born on March 5th and Helena is currently enjoying her most recent role as the full time mother of a quickly growing, hyperactive baby boy.  Dr. Snyder will be joining the NanoSTAR team on September 25th, 2015 to help develop and expand UVA’s nanomedicine research programs and she is extremely excited for this opportunity.  In addition to her love of biochemistry and nanoscale engineering, Helena is also a registered yoga teacher, an environmental and outdoors enthusiast and can even sometimes be seen moonlighting as the crane operator for her husband’s video production company.  Helena is extremely passionate about education and learning as well as academic research and is very excited about becoming a part of UVA’s renowned academic community.  Jacob will be joining the UVA Child Development Center and is also excited about being part of the community too (though he doesn’t know it quite yet).