nanoSTAR Announcement

September 16, 2015

NanoSTAR is proud to announce our new Bullpen & Concierge Service.  The bullpen concierge service is designed to enhance collaborations between various academic units of the university by enabling a forum for allowing investigators to utilize nanotechnology towards drug delivery, targeted imaging and diagnostic modalities. Basic science and clinical investigators are often challenged with an inability to engage faculty expertise across campus in materials design for “nano-solutions” to address the pressing issues in medical fields.  There are often unanswered questions, such as:

  • How do I nano-size a particular drug delivery or diagnostic modality?
  • What nanomaterials are suitable and available for my application?
  • Do I need active targeting? How do I formulate a nanoparticle that internalizes the active agent?
  • How do I adapt nanotechnology for pharmaceutical or molecular agents?
  • How do I integrate micro/nanofluidics to enable highly quantitative and parallelized measurements?
  • What nanoscaffold and device platforms are available for my ideas in tissue regeneration?
  • What are the available imaging / characterization techniques for my application: in vitro and in vivo?
  • Who do I contact for technical help?

The solution is nanoSTAR’s  Bullpens and Concierge Service.  NanoSTAR has created four bullpens of like- minded engineering faculty to help answer these questions.  The four bullpens are:

  • Nano formulation and device platform fabrication
  • Nano characterization
  • Nano scale up
  • Nano targeting. 

Here is how it is going to work:

The investigator fills out a form on the nanoSTAR website for a nanomaterial and/or device application idea.  This information will be given to the nano-formulation bullpen that will assign an engineering contact, as well as engage our concierge, a senior scientist who will provide technical support to formulate the nano-solution. The investigator will just have to supply the “active” material for device, delivery, imaging or targeting.  The concierge will engineer and characterize the nano-solution with the help of our nano characterization bull pen.  The nanotechnology, as well as all the physical chemistry data will be returned to the investigator to facilitate in vitro testing. If positive results are obtained, the concierge will begin discussions with the scale-up and targeting bullpens to enable in vivo testing.

The key element underlying the concierge service is that the investigators just have to provide the material for encapsulating within the nanotechnology.  All of the costs are provided through nanoSTAR. Moreover, the Bullpen and Concierge Service have already begun to integrate undergraduate nanomedicine students into the service, so that they can gain practical experience in nanosizing drugs or imaging agents within a diverse group of nanoscale materials.  In addition, our Bullpen and Concierge Service will more efficiently engage existing core and shared resources including the: microelectronic fab facility, nano/biosystems research facility, nanomaterials characterization facility and others.

Please contact  or 434-882-5892 for forms and additional information



On behalf of nanoSTAR at UVA


Dr. Mark Kester, Dr. Nathan Swami, Dr. Helena Snyder and Ms. Tonya Reynolds