New Course Offering

May 10, 2015

ENGR 3501: Nanoscale Devices & Systems – Fall 2015 (Class # 20398)

Timings: T, Th: 3:30-4:45 PM (Leave Th: open until 5:30 PM for activity with STS 3111)

Location: MEC 214

Instructor: Nathan S. Swami, Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Pre-requisite: None other than first year calculus, physics and chemistry

Course Description: The ability to spatially localize, pattern and interconnect structures with nanoscale resolution is of tremendous significance towards emerging technologies within information systems, biomedicine and cognitive sciences. This course utilizes a hierarchical approach to survey various nanotechnologies, beginning with the emerging phenomena at the nanoscale; their device application for electronics, photonics, biosensing and tissue regeneration; the fabrication of integrated nanosystems; and finally their impacts on environmental systems. A chief feature of this course is that it will be coupled with the STS 3110 course to include a hands-on project-oriented activity on Societal Implications of Nanotechnology that integrates the technical and societal aspects. This course serves as a follow-up to ENGR 2500, but can be taken by itself without requiring the completion of ENGR 2500.

Grading: 5 Homework assignments, 2 mid-term exams and an integrative final project


(1) Nanotechnology” Understanding Small Systems: Ben Rogers, Jesse Adams, & Sumita Pennathur, CRC Press

(2) Fabrication Engineering at the Micro and Nanoscale, Stephen Campbell, Oxford Press


Topics: Following are the succession of topics covered by this course:

1.      Nanoscale phenomena: Survey of the physical, chemical and biological phenomena that emerge at the nanoscale

2.      Nanoscale Devices for applications in electronics, photonics, materials, and mechanics

3.      Nanoscale fluidics, biotechnology & medicine

4.      Fabrication and integration of nano-devices into systems

5.      Metrology, ultimate scaling limits and future directions

6.      Nano-toxicology and Implications on Environmental Systems

7.      Jointly with STS 3110: Simulation Project on Societal Implications*

* This activity will occur on Thursdays: 4:30-5:30 PM