Science Straight Up: Lisa Friedersdorf discusses Nanotechnology

August 22, 2013 - 7:30 pm



Thursday, August 22: Nanotechnology--How small science will impact your life
The Science of the Very, Very, Very Small
Science Straight Up returns to the Black Market Moto Saloon on Thursday, August 22, 7:30 pm.  Tell your friends, follow us on Twitter, and RSVP for the event on Facebook.  
This month: Nanotechnology--How small science will impact your life and the world around you
What happens when we control and manipulate matter at the atomic or molecular level-on the order of a billionth of a meter? Scientists have discovered new carbon based nanomaterials with amazing properties, stronger and more conductive than anything previously known. Even common materials behave differently at this scale and can have entirely new properties. For example, at the nanoscale, gold can appear red! Come learn what is special about the nanoscale and how nanotechnology is changing electronics, alternative energy, medicine, and other applications.
Our Guest Scientist
Lisa Friedersdorf is the President and Owner of AdviSci, a consulting firm specializing in nanotechnology and materials science.  Currently, she serves as Senior Scientist and Senior Policy Analyst at the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office and is the Program Manager of the Nanotechnology Signature Initiatives.  She is a Visiting Scholar in the U.Va. Department of Materials Science and Engineering and faculty advisor to the Nano and Emerging Technologies (NExT) Club at U.Va

 About parking: Please note that there is additional parking behind the building; the front lot fills up quickly! 

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About Science Straight Up
Science Straight Up is a monthly "Science Cafe" series organized by scientists at theUniversity of Virginia to promote community conversation about scientific topics in a relaxed atmosphere.  It is free and open to all curious minds; no science background needed.
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August 22
7:30 pm 

Black Market Moto Saloon, 1304 E. Market St., Charlottesville, VA


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