Obama Adviser John Holdren visits nanoSTAR

May 17, 2012

Ryan Comes (left), Engineering Physics graduate student from the Material Science and Engineering Department, explains the current research and gives John Holdren a tour of the lab

John Holdren, President Obama's chief science and technology adviser visited nanoSTAR on May 17, 2012. Dr. Holdren said the research being done at the nation's universities is a key engine in the drive for economic recovery. Holdren, director of the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy toured one of the nanoSTAR laboratories, where he saw the work of professors and students that is producing breakthrough advancements.

During the tour, Holdren witnessed the development of new nano-magnetic technology for mobile phones and laptop computers in a nanotechnology lab in Wilsdorf Hall. "So many of the things that the President and I talk about in the White House are actually happening on the Grounds of this university," Holdren expressed to facility, students and staff of UVA.

University of Virginia researchers are looking forward to incorporating initiatives with White House programs. Hearing Dr. Holdren address our research community was very promising. Dr. Holdren linked so many UVA programs to real impact and social relevance for the United States saying, "This is truly science serving humanity."