Institute for Nanoscale and Quantum Scientific and Technological Advanced Research (nanoSTAR)

A note from the Director:

Welcome to nanoSTAR! Through our website, we would like to introduce you to the world of nano and quantum science and technology at the University of Virginia. The nanoSTAR Institute encompasses nanoscale and quantum research, education, and business development projects in three broad theme areas: electronics, biology & medicine, and energy & the environment.        

Institute participants come from a total of six schools at the University, including:

For our Institute researchers, nanoSTAR facilitates collaborations, assists with large multidisciplinary and center level proposals, acts as a liaison with industry and relevant government agencies, and provides seed funds and support for new interdisciplinary research endeavors.  NanoSTAR offers a web-based portal to facilitate nano-focused research interactions between engineers and scientists. Expansion of this program to fully integrate physician-scientists and clinicians at the School of Medicine as well as the Cancer Center would further enhance the potential of the Program. Moreover, nanotechnology, which by definition sits at the cusp of engineering, material science and physics, enables  the burgeoning medical concepts of personalized medicine, tissue re-engineering and regenerative medicine, artificial cells and exosomes, theranostics, microfluidics for diagnostics, and multi-modal imaging. 

The nanoSTAR Institute collaborates with businesses and other universities to leverage resources and expertise. These partnerships enable the acceleration of research discoveries through technology transfer and commercialization.

We welcome you to help us turn innovation into convention.


Mark Kester, Director