Stakeholder Perspectives on the Perception, Assessment, and Management of the Potential Risks of Nanotechnology (NNI Risk Workshop)

September 10, 2013 - 8:00 am


Date: Septmeber 10-11, 2013

Location: USDA Patriot Plaza Conference Center, 355 E Street, SW, Washington, DC

Scope: The National Nanotechnology Initiative’s planned Risk Workshop will facilitate stakeholder discussion of key elements needed to assess, manage, and communicate potential risks associated with use of nanomaterials and nanotechnology-enabled products. This one and a half day, 100 – 120 person public workshop will attempt to highlight practical tools that might be used by non-Federal decision makers in their consideration of potential risks, including quantitative and qualitative assessment and management methods.


This planned workshop will facilitate:

  • Understanding of the state of practice for the consideration of risk used by industry, academia, and the general public; 

  • Analysis of the role of comparative risk assessment in these evaluations, including decision analysis tools and gap analysis tools;

  • Identification, through case study presentations, of stakeholder values and risk perceptions that inform their   decision making, and the potential integration of these values and perceptions into a practical framework for risk communication; 

  • Current risk management practices in the emerging technology communities; and

  • Determination of steps to improve the linkage of risk assessment to risk management and risk communication.


Contact Us: 

Email r3workshop@nnco.nano.gov and check back with www.nano.gov/r3workshop for more information.